5 Ways to Introduce and Promote Your Artwork


Selling your precious artwork can be a little bit frustrating most especially when you are a newbie in the business and don’t really have a market for them. The only way to go is to reach out and attract as many people as possible and make your work known so you can find possible buyers. Here are some tips on how to promote your artwork.

1. Create an Awesome Portfolio
Remember that your goal is to impress potential clients. A detailed portfolio is the first step to establish a first good impression. Showcase what you can offer by having well-photographed, high-resolution images of your work on your portfolio. Put some details about your art like the materials and technique that you used and you may also add a short story about what inspired you to create them which makes it more interesting.


2. Set a Social Media Page
Social media has been the most useful tool to disseminate information nowadays and you can use this to your advantage and it’s free! Set up a social media page and make it as your second portfolio. Organize and specify the category of the artwork that you are promoting either by size, by subject or by material then add relevant keywords to increase the possibility that you will be searched.

3. Participate in Art Contests
This may sound stressful but think again. Remember that your goal is to promote your artwork to as many people as you can. If an on-site art contest is not your thing, you can join online art competitions instead. It really doesn’t matter if you win or not. What’s important is you have exposed your style and what you can offer through your entry to thousands of people who visited the site.

“Passage,” 2010, Odili Donald Odita, acrylic on canvas

4. Hold Local Exhibits
There’s no better place for your artwork to be known than in your own local community. Make yourself known as an artist and share your artwork with your community by organizing a local exhibit. It doesn’t have to be grand and expensive. What’s important is you are able to showcase your artwork to possible clients. Find an interesting venue that will serve as a beautiful backdrop for your artwork such as lobbies, cafes, or even malls to attract various kinds of clients.
Doing your exhibit at your local art galleries also has its own advantages. Since they have already established a network of art collectors, there is a better chance of bringing interested patrons to buy your work and you will be able to meet other local artists as well. Why is this important? You will find out next.


5. Get To Know Other Local Artists
More often than not, every city has its own local art community or council composed of local artists and art enthusiasts. Being part of this group will expand your network and will surely give you more opportunities to meet more potential buyers. They usually put on events like exhibits where you can display your work for free. Get involved with community art projects that will expose your talent even more and will introduce you to local businesses as well. Through these events, your chances of being recognized is way much bigger.

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