Tips on How to Sell Canvas Art Online

sell-art-online-02With the latest advancements in technology, artists are taking their careers online. Using the Internet, artists now have more platforms in sharing and selling their canvas arts outside the usual art galleries. There are thousands of online markets where artists and buyers meet. With many fish in the sea, how can you stand out so your canvas art prints are the ones sold online? Here are some tips that you can use to get more exposure and help boost sales of your art.

1. Take time to write the best descriptions for your artwork. The best online art galleries allow full descriptions for each artwork uploaded to their websites. Make your descriptions easy and enjoyable to read, free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation mistakes. Include keywords in your descriptions that art buyers use when searching art online. Also, prepare a small bio and artist statement to introduce you to website visitors.

2. Create a portfolio site or blog. Upload the photos of your artwork and include complete descriptions. Make sure that you use good and clear images of your work since the colors of your art and its photo may vary when posted online. Promote your work and use a friendly tone to invite new visitors and potential buyers. Provide the information on payment, handling, and shipping.

3. Use the social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest are some of the most popular social media platforms available today. Use them to introduce yourself and your work to your network and your friend’s networks. Create a YouTube channel to showcase your artworks and your skills. Join forums that you enjoy to network and don’t just settle for art forums. Expand your network beyond the art world by joining forums related to the themes you use. If you paint nature, join a botany forum. Put a link to your website in the signature line of your posts.

4. Create newsletters for art lovers. If you own an art blog, it’s easy to send email newsletters to your subscribers. This is where you can inform them about the latest in your projects and finished pieces. Regular contacts with them can help you build long-term relationships and to let them know what you’ve been busy with lately.

5. Choose one online art gallery. The President of Luke Terpstra advised artists to do a lot of research about online art galleries but choose only one to try out wholeheartedly. He said it’s more productive for artists to concentrate on one venue than be all over different galleries and become overwhelmed with all the inquiries and issues in managing the business. If you give all efforts and still don’t get the sales that you expect in your chosen art gallery, then go to another venue and see if it will give you what you seek.

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