More Art Projects for Young People

your image titleThe Opportunities To Create Art Are Endless!

Here are more excellent art project ideas for young people, especially children who have art projects and assignments!


Murals are fun and simple art pieces that make the artist feel as is there are no restrictions on their ideas.  In the case of children and young adults, it is important to encourage their imaginations and curious nature.  That is why I feel that murals, using pre-stretched canvas from, is the best option for letting kids of all ages let their imaginations run wild.  Pre-stretched canvas can take a lot of different ideas and mesh them into one.  For a project, try a natural landscape scenepaint trees and other natural plants in background then hot glue a few animals on the horizon line of the piece.  Add a sun or a moon or both!

Collage ArtCollage Art can be a derivative of the aforementioned mural, where hot glue and inanimate objects and even newspaper clippings can all become the best interpretation of a child’s inner most thoughts.  Remember those days of clipping out random letters, words, and phrases as a kid and pasting them on magazine pages?  If not, it’s a good start for a project with your child!

Still Life Paintings

Still Life paintings on pre-stretched canvas may seem advanced to some children but fear not!  Still Life can be exciting and help children understand forms that occur within their surrounding environments.  Children see objects such as pencils, markers, apples and oranges, and even toys every single day – why not get them to draw these objects, then paint them?  This is one of the best ways to help a young person to conceptualize the everyday objects in a way that helps them replicate what they see.  Now, don’t get discouraged!  I cannot tell you how strange animals look on a piece of canvas that I have try to paint… and I will spare you them odd images but you can help your child discover that even in still life, “abstract” results can yield some of the most encouragement in the art world and at school!

Well, it has long been debated that art is in the eye of the beholder but hey!  This is a school art project: this is meant to be FUN!  So, instead of reaching toward the projects as a matter of an “A” or “F” grade, reach for the fun of discovering where art can take your child’s imagination.  Who knows?  There may be a Picasso in your midst, that you may have to ground from time to time.

Until next time, keep creating and painting!

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