Arts Based Jobs Inspired By Canvas

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Canvas serves many purposes in the Art World and also in fashion – clothing, accessories, and shoes can all be produced with canvas.  In addition to being one of the most important tools of artistic expression and apparel, canvas also inspires creative individuals to pursue careers outside of the seemingly glamorous lifestyle of an artist.  There are a few rewarding jobs that can turn into careers that have been inspired by canvas, and I am going to list just a couple of them that I find both interesting and rewarding.

Museum Guides
Art Museums.  Historical Museums.  Natural Science Museums.  Music Hall of Fame Museums.  These are all places that have been inspired by the human spark of expression.  Museum Guides, or more traditionally tour guides, are people that hold a special place in my heart.  These are the people that have the great fortune of looking at the art that they love every single day, and get to take brilliant new experiences with them every day that they go home.  The museum guide is at the forefront of a magical adventure in any art museum or gallery housing the work of the world’s most renowned human beings.  Could you imagine working at The Museum of Modern Art every day, or giving the inside scoop about The Mona Lisa at the Louvre?  How exciting!  To think, it’s all because of canvas!

Creative and Performing Arts Teachers and Instructors
After only a couple years of studying art as a solitary student, I have determined that some of the most important people in my academic career have been those with an artistic inclination.  My band directors, art teachers, and communications coaches are usually at the forefront of my most cherished adolescent and college memories.  I find that these individuals most inspiring because they showed me at an early age how to appreciate art and even sound (in relation to music as an art form), although I hadn’t an actual clue about the importance of it at the time.  I believe that canvas inspired these people into action, so much in fact that they decided to share their knowledge in a classroom setting with young students.  At some moment in each other my former teachers and instructors live, they were visually struck by the language they read on canvas, heard through musical arrangement, or experienced through the power of performance.

Long story short, I am grateful that their inspiration was shared in this particular manner.

Are You Inspired?
These particular occupations are worthy of praise in my book because of they require a high level of dedication to the history of art, and the understanding of how art can be an effective educational tool for children and adults!  I feel inspired by these people, and look forward to learning more from them every day.

All for now!

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