Famous Paintings: Elephants and Canvas Art

Do you love elephants?  Great!  I do, too!   What I love the most about the world’s largest living land mammals – besides their ability to communicate in sonar, amazingly intricate bone structure, and their production of ivory – is their high level of intelligence.  These decedents of prehistoric mammoths have come a long way as a species: surviving extinction, avoiding poachers, and becoming world renowned canvas artists!

Elephant Painting on Canvas

The canvas paintings of one of the world’s most beloved creatures is a beautiful contribution to the modern world of humans.

Anyone who spends time with these wonderful mammals and observes them when they paint freestyle, cannot fail to understand that they simply love what they do,” states The Elephant Art Gallery Director Issaraporn Kaewthanasawad.  It is apparent in the resulting artwork created by elephants that imparts their contentment in the act of painting.

There are several popular elephant painters that have touched the lives of everyday human beings.  Wanalee is an Asian elephant, hailing from Thailand, that has been lauded as royalty and has had her artwork shown internationally since 2005.  This gentle giant was adopted by the late Princess Galyani, the elder sister of His Majesty the King of Thailand, and is still considered one of the world’s most talented famous animal artists.  According to The Elephant Art Gallery, Wanalee’s artistic style has been described as “free flowing expression with a rich combination of vertical, horizontal and lateral strokes and then occasionally producing a more studied basket or ‘nestlike’ image with the brushstrokes ending in a flourish toward the middle of the paper.

That’s pretty impressive!

Wanalee the Elephant Artist



Shimmering by Tao

Most likely you’ve heard or have even used the term “rescue animal”.  Would you ever consider this term for a brilliant beast like Tao?  It is documented that this elephant artist was rescued from the streets of Bangkok, although little else is known about Tao before his brief art career.  Although Tao has retired from canvas art, his artwork can be seen online and one-of-a-kind pieces are in homes across the globe.


Kaew's Soundwaves

Born in Lampang, Thailand’s Thai Elephant Conservation Center, elephant artist Kaew is very intelligent and also absolutely terrified of chickens!  Although this phobia is typical among the world’s biggest land beasts, that hasn’t stopped Kaew from creating beautiful pieces of artwork for the  masses.  Kaew is considered a rarity in the elephant art world because of his ability to arc his brush strokes, coming very close to creating a circle formation.  His artwork was so revered that he became a top selling elephant artist in 2010!

Elephants Are Amazing Artists
As you can see elephants are not only intelligent peaceful animals, they are also incredible artists that have a unique ability to touch the world with their talents!

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