How to Frame a Canvas Art

The Canvas Lot facilities keep a huge store of standard pieces in stock, but can also produce custom sizes in days.

Framing a canvas painting allows you to hang and display the art piece while protecting it. A frame can help your audience focus on your artwork when they are beautifully displayed in the showroom or even your home. Framing a painting on canvas can be a daunting task to many. There are lots of information out there on framing but here is a detailed way to frame a canvas art.

Materials Needed:
Go to your local art supply shop to get these materials.

  • Mat – A mat should overlap the edges on the painting to serve as a border between the print and the frame, and between the print and the glazing panel. Mats are available in pre-cut form in most art supply stores but they can customize the size of the mat upon request. Mats are available in different colors and are usually 4- and 8-ply thick. I would suggest using a white mat since colored mats tend to fade.
  • Backing board – A backing board should be acid-free. Use a backing board that is the same size as the outside dimensions of your mat.
  • Adhesives – Use acid-free adhesives such as a brushed on adhesive or spray adhesive. You can also use a mounting film, or mounting tape.
  • Glazing panel – It can be glass or acrylic. There are also plain and UV-protected panels.
  • Frame – There are many frames available in your local art supply store which are made of wood, plastic, or metal.


  1. Measure the length, width, and depth of the canvas. Use these measurements when buying your framing supplies.
  2. Draw the borders inside your backing board.
  3. Apply the adhesive to the backing board.
  4. Put your canvas print over the backing board, using the borders as your guide.frame-15
  5. To make sure that you’ve positioned your print correctly, lightly position the mat over the print. If you are satisfied with the position, remove the mat.
  6. Use a clean piece of paper and apply pressure to bond the print to the backing board. Remove the paper and check again the alignment of your print and backing board.
  7. While waiting for the adhesive to set, clean your glazing panel. You can use an anti-static cloth to remove miniscule marks, oils, dust, finger prints, etc.
  8. Put the glazing panel inside the frame, followed by the mat, and then the mounted print.
  9. Secure the frame and canvas with the clips at the back of the frame. Most frames come with a pre-attached bracket so you can readily hang it.

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