Custom Stretching and Fredrix Brand Canvas: The Perfect Match

When you’re heavy into the concept you’re trying to bring to life on a canvas, the last thing you want to worry about is the quality of craftsmanship that went into that canvas, and that’s how it should be. A canvas should be so well-crafted that it acts simply as a huge, near invisible support for your work. You should never have to think of it, except to applaud it for assisting you in culling forth your ideas.

Rolls of the finest Fredrix brand canvas waiting to be stretched.

At CanvasLot, it’s our job to take canvas creation seriously so that you don’t have to, and that’s why we strive to refine every possible detail in our process to be the best it can be. One of those details, a very important one in fact, is the organization we choose to get our unstretched canvas from, the Fredrix company.

Fredrix is an organization that is as serious about quality as we are, and we couldn’t be happier with the level of work we get from them. Take a look at this spectacular, long-standing company and you’ll see just how right it is to say that Fredrix cares about the needs of artists.

Fredrix is no newcomer in the world of art supplies. In fact, Fredrix was founded in 1868 by E.H. Friedrichs as Friedrichs, making the company one of the longest-lived art supply manufacturers in the nation.

The organization is proud of its founder, and rightly so, as the man was not only, as they say on their site, a “chemist, inventor and innovator,” he actually holds the noble distinction of being the first person to manufacture artist canvas for sale in America. Friedrichs was apparently known as a shrewd businessman who came up with most of his ideas on long train rides across the country to build his clients.

Fredrix changed its company name in the 20th century to attain a more modern appeal, but they say that their canvas-creation process hasn’t altered much in 140 years. Fredrix takes pride in the fact that it still primes its best canvases by hand, using an oil-based ground, though of course they do have some of the world’s most advanced priming machines at their amazingly high-tech manufacturing facility in Lawrenceville, GA, where every single Fredrix canvas is primed.

We’ll tell you a bit more about the the priming process in an upcoming post, but if you’re interested now, here’s a link to an in-depth look at how they do it from their website.

Fredrix is a company that truly cares about artists, and if you spend a little time on their site, that’s a fact that’s hard to ignore. Fredrix isn’t interested in simply taking your dollar, handing you a canvas and parting, they want to be a resource that artists know well and can trust. Their site alone provides a wealth of information on everything from the fine details of their products and company to huge amounts of information on artistic and canvas techniques.

Fredrix brand canvas is the best, and that's why we stock it exclusively.

On top of that, this is a company that is always looking to the future of expression. Fredrix is on the forefront of art supply technology, pioneering such spaceage products as Fredrix Polyflax synthetic canvas and the widely-trusted Fredrix archival-quality printable canvases. One very cool new product is the NatureCore paintboard, an artistic surface that’s vegetable based and features recycled components.

We trust Fredrix with our business, because artists trust Fredrix. Our canvases are the best out there, because we only work with the best. When you order a stretched canvas from us, you’re not only getting our extensive expertise, you’re getting over 140 years of perfected quality from one of the best canvas producers in the world. Now that’s a combination that’s pretty as a picture.

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