A Custom Canvas Just Can’t Be Beat

While it’s true that creative limitations can sometimes spark an artist to new ideas and processes, every artist knows that sometimes an idea needs to be executed very specifically for it to succeed. When you’ve got a great project fully realized in your mind, the last thing you want to do is dull that idea down by forcing it to fit within constraints. What was once a gloriously detailed masterpiece in your mind now has to fit within the elements available to you, which, if you’re buying pre-made supplies from a store, includes having to settle your idea on to whatever canvas sizes they happen to have in stock. Need a few inches taller? An extra-deep or ultra-shallow edge? Until custom stretched canvases, these were all but pipe dreams. Now, however, you have the option of highly affordable, completely custom stretched canvases, and we have to tell you, the benefits are immense.

A CanvasLot.com expert hard at work bringing a happy client a beautiful custom canvas.

We’ll start with the obvious benefit, which is that you no longer have to wait for or settle for a canvas at the store! When you order a stretched canvas, there is of course a slight shipping delay, but you know exactly when that canvas is coming. And forget wasting money on fueling car trips to and from the shop, these canvases come directly to your doorstep and are guaranteed to be in perfect condition.

Not only are custom canvases convenient to order in the first place, they also make it a snap to get more of the same. Whether you’re an artist doing a series that requires multiple and identical high-quality canvases, or whether you’re a school or organization that needs large amounts of wholesale canvases, that’s an order that most stores simply can’t guarantee will be filled quickly or exactly.

For CanvasLot.com, however, that kind of order is our bread and butter, and we can ensure that orders of any size or kind will be taken care of soon and to your exact specifications. What’s better than that!

With our exceptional tools and expert workers, we create ideal canvases for every need.

Of course, the artists out there know that there’s one detail that makes custom canvases unbeatable. That, creative friends, is the thing every piece of art is better for: uniqueness. Think about it like this: when your finished painting is hanging next to others in a gallery, do you want to be the canvas that’s the same size and shape as all the rest, or do you want to be the one that stands out? A custom shaped canvas means your work is just that much more special, and it’s something people will notice.

Not only will the looks of your custom canvas shine out from any others it happens to be around, with a canvas that’s built to your specifications, your creations have the room they need to thrive. What if Picasso hadn’t had the exact canvas he needed to bring Guernica to life? We might be living in a world just that much less beautiful, and that would be a tragedy indeed. Your art is best when its allowed to be everything it needs to be, and a big part of thais having the right surface for the piece.

So, for the sake of your art, don’t settle for whatever the store happens to have again. When you know what would be best for your work, you should get just that, and that’s where we come in. We want your creations to dictate the final look of your work, and we hate the idea of letting your endeavors be stifled by manufacturers who only have money on their mind. We honestly cannot wait to see what beautiful work you’ll do when you have the ideal custom stretched canvas. So let us build you the canvas of your dreams; we think your work will be happy you did.

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