5 Marketplace to Sell Your Canvas Art Reproduction

Thomas Kinkade Original landscape oil painting ( Natures Paradise ) Art print reproduction on canvas wall decor  Photo credit: www.aliexpress.com
Thomas Kinkade Original landscape oil painting ( Natures Paradise ) Art print reproduction on canvas wall decor
Photo credit: www.aliexpress.com

Recreating famous painting is very challenging. You have to capture every detail even the style and brush stroke to make it almost incomparable to the original painting. This will make your reproduction stand out and more convincing to buy. But where can you really sell your reproductions? Here are some suggestions that can help you find your potential buyers.


1. Annual Fair
Let’s just say you don’t have the money to rent an art gallery or to pay for registration fees for exhibits and competitions, don’t be discouraged but be resourceful instead. Why not showcase your artwork during your local annual fair? It’s the best time to attract local patrons and a great way to let your community know that there’s a budding artist in the neighborhood. This might not give you the big break you are waiting for but it’s a good start. Don’t you think?

2. Online Art Galleries
Online art galleries are readily available throughout the internet. Aside from it’s easy to join, it’s also more affordable than setting up your own website. These websites can provide exposure of your recreations to collectors that frequently visit their site. Remember that you will be dealing with financial transactions with these websites as well so choose the most trusted.

3. Local Gift shops/Souvenir Shops
You might think it’s not a good idea to display your artwork in a gift shop or a souvenir shop but think of the possibility that a tourist or someone looking for something extraordinary to buy for a gift may enter the door. Find a shop that sells other quality items and with a great ambiance to match the quality of your artwork.

4. Join Art Exhibits and Competitions
Remember, exposure is the key. Joining these events puts your art in front of a variety of audiences. A lot of artists got their first break through these exhibits and competitions even if they were not a winner. But winning an award has its advantages for you will have something to add to your profile which proves the quality of your work.

Art market in Budapest www.budapesttimes.hu
Art market in Budapest

5. Art Galleries and Museums
You have done your efforts to reach potential clients in all walks of life. Now, it’s time to get noticed by the “cream of the crop”. Having your paintings displayed in an art gallery is a dream come true for a new artist. This will allow you to meet other artists and enthusiasts that can give you feedbacks and can even help you expand your client lists. To have your work displayed in an established gallery helps establish class and reputation of your precious artwork.
Creating and selling art reproductions will always have its pros and cons. Be ready for critics who will scrutinize your work but don’t let negative word get in the way. Remember that it’s all part of being a budding artist.

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