Top 10 Art Critics to Follow on Twitter

As an artist, opinions and observations of other people regarding your artwork is very important. To be noticed by an art critic is a privilege rather than a threat. A written critiques or review of your work will convey a perspective that a reader who doesn’t go to your gallery or online gallery may not be able to see. Art critics’ serves as consultants of art collectors and enthusiast offering a thoughtful take of the art work that they are eying to buy.
Here are the top 10 art critics that you can follow on twitter where you can have your daily dose of enhanced appreciation of the art they are viewing wherein you can pick up some tips and might eventually catch their attention to review your artwork.


1. @BrianSherwinArt Brian Sherwin
Art critic, curator, and mastermind. Former Senior Editor for the social art site Myartspace and regular Contributing Writer for FineArtViews.

2. @HalFoster1 Hal Foster
Former Los Angeles Times journalist, professor, journalism consultant in the U.S., Japan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan.

3. @polarworld Dr Huw Lewis-Jones
Authors and nice folks. We are Huw Lewis-Jones and Kari Herbert of indie publisher Polarworld, down in Cornwall creating photography and exploration books.

4. @Daichendt G. James Daichendt
Author of the books: Artist-Teacher, Artist Scholar and Stay Up! Los Angeles Street Art.

5. @cmonstah Carolina A. Miranda
She’s smart, she’s funny, and she manages to take the piss out of art world pomp-and-circumstance while maintaining her enthusiasm for art and artists.


6. @lindsaypollock Lindsay Pollock
Arts market journalist who reports for Bloomberg, The Art Newspaper, and others. She’s got the inside track not just on the art market, but the media covering the market. Her recent live-Tweet of the Ai Weiwei panel at the Paley Center on digital activism is topical and dishy.

7. @artfagcity Paddy Johnson
founder and writer of Art Fag City. Johnson’s an instigator, which makes for entertaining reading. Snark aside, she’s ever-present and well informed, mixing in art reviews from her blog and The L magazine with gossipy asides and up-to-the-minute reporting.

8. @TylerGreenDC Tyler Green
Writer and critic on Modern Art Notes. Based in DC, manages to be almost omniscient in the sphere of art media, mired in everything from reporting on endangered land art to scrapping with Jerry Saltz to creating a bracket for The Greatest Living American Abstract Painter.

9. @ARTnewsmag Robin Cembalest
Executive editor at ARTNews. Tweets are a good indicator of where the magazine’s interests lie.

10. @escapeintolife Lethe Bashar
Editor of Escape into Life online journal. Incorporates poetry, essays, and video into the publication’s visually compelling portfolios. For the most part, Bashar keeps his Twitter feed simple and to the point, with a host of links to featured artists.



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