Tips on Saving Money on Art Supplies


Painting can be an expensive hobby and profession. Art supplies may come at exorbitant prices so you have to be smart about purchasing the things you need so you won’t go broke in the process of doing what you love.

Here are some tips that I use so I can save some money when buying my supplies:

Tip No.1 – Stock most commonly used art supplies. As much as possible, when I go to the art store, I buy all the things I need now and in the near future. For example, I don’t wait until I ran out of paint. If I go to the store at the last minute, I will most likely buy other supplies which I had no intention of buying in the first place. I go to the store buying paint and I go out with bags full of other stuff. Sounds familiar?

Tip No.2 – Keep art supplies in good condition. It’s hard to keep my studio and tools clean after painting but it’s wise to take care of the things I use in my art. I clean my paintbrushes and other utensils after use and I make sure they are dry before putting it in storage. There are trash bins inside my studio so waste materials have their own place, too. Art supplies cost money and throwing them away because of mishandling and carelessness also means throwing away money.

Tip No.3 – Buy online. I get great deals shopping at online art stores. Bigger art retailers offer their extensive range of supplies online and it’s fun to browse through them. The websites also have a Sale section so I can see discounted art materials. ebay and Craigslist are also great in finding deals on art supplies, you just have to be patient and check these sites regularly.

Tip No.4 – Subscribe to mailing lists. Art shops offer great deals and incentives through their mailing lists. They send discount coupons and sale announcements to members so join every mailing list of art retailers near you.

You can also consider getting a membership card from the art shop which you frequent. Store members can get discounts and other incentives and these little savings can add up.

Tip No.5 – Buy in bulk to get wholesale prices. Buying one piece of an item costs more than buying it in bulk. Art stores offer wholesale discount prices when you buy in bulk. You may think that it will cost you a lot of money but if you compute the price per piece, you’ll realize that buying wholesale is still cheaper than buying retail.

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