The Perfect Combination: Canvas and Art Supplies

While growing up as an adolescent in a tiny island town on the Texas Coastline, I kept myself occupied by reading Archie comic books and Stephen King paperbacks.  This love of illustration and literature gave me the inspiration to draw.  Ever since I drew a few freehand portraits of Archie, Betty, Jughead, and Veronica I was obsessed with illustration and collecting art supplies.

Image of "Art Bin"

My near obsessive drive to collect art supplies and artist canvases seems aimless but there is a goal in mind: I want to express myself through paints and canvas.  Most of all, I want to share my ideas with my social circle.  This desire to share art led me to like minded individuals outside of the coastal barrier.

After leaving the tiny island town and moving to the Texas Hill Country, I decided to surround myself with artists that inspire me and to frequent art supply stores.  Fortunately, I have been able to meet some of the most amazing artists in Texas and have been able to add to my supply closet in the meantime.

You may be wondering: how do these two things go hand in hand?

I will tell you!

Here are 2 art supply recommendations that I have received from local artists in the Texas Hill Country that have not only helped me to understand that shopping for the best materials is not only easy but essential to conveying the message that you originally intended!

Always use top quality canvas.” – TigerStyle, TigerStyle Gallery of Art

Even though I primarily use watercolors and the appropriate absorbent surfaces, canvas has been recommended to me by friends in the arts community.  I have looked into a few stores such as Michael’s Arts and Crafts and Hobby Lobby but I have become a huge advocate for purchasing my art supplies and canvas in bulk at wholesale prices.

“Sure, you could use a couple of rocks and pieces of grass from the ground but try a couple of paint brushes instead.  You’ll find a way to may the art speak.”
– Animus Prime, Animus Prime Photography

I have found this sentiment to be the most helpful.  When I first shifted my creative expression from illustration to collage art and painting, I would use materials that I found on the ground while walking in city parks such as clusters of bird feathers and colored glass.  After Prime’s recommendation, I have found that I love using paint brushes – especially Da Vinci Short Handle Nova Brushes (you can find these brushes on

There you have it!

Canvas and Paint Brushes are two recommendations from local Austin artists that have really pushed my artistic endeavors in a new direction.

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