Artist Canvas – What To Look For When Buying Canvas

Finding Quality Canvas Can Be Dirty Work

For the past three years, I have dabbled in watercolors and oil paints.  This dabbling has led to art shows, countless exhibits, commissioned pieces for family and friends, and a unique lifestyle that has all the amazing perks an aspiring artist can imagine!  It has also led to the frustrating task of finding quality canvas!

If you’ve been searching for the best canvas at the most reasonable price then you already know what I mean… or maybe you don’t.  There are certain things that all aspiring and professional artists have to look out for when selecting the perfect canvas for the perfect artistic endeavor.

Here a few insider tips that I would like to offer to you that will not only save you time, but lots of dollars!

Tip 1 – Don’t Worry About Stretching Canvas Yourself

Stretching canvas may not be the most difficult thing in the world but it is time consuming and can take much practice if you’re inexperienced or simply do not have enough time to learn how to do it yourself.  In this case, you will need to purchase pre-stretched canvas.

I recommend relying on a professional company that sells pre-stretched canvas to established artists.  I purchase from various art supply companies in my hometown and online vendors.

Tip 2 – Beware of the Notorious Warped Canvas

That’s right, my friend.  The warped canvas is your worst enemy!  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve finished a near perfect painting, let it dry, and a few hours later the wooden frame is bowed.  My heart races, my palms sweat profusely, and I get annoyed because my canvas has expanded and contracted – warping my potential masterpiece into a broken idea.

To avoid this, I look for canvas with a stretcher that runs down the middle of the frame.  The middle stretcher provides stability and does not allow the canvas to bend the wooden frame that it is wrapped around.

Tip 3 – Buy Wholesale Canvas

Being a professional artist is incredibly rewarding but to reap the benefits of such rewards, you have to keep the costs of your artistry down buy investing your dollars in canvas that is affordable and easy to find.  Wholesale options are the best that I’ve found, and often the best quality for those of us who do not want to bother with the hunt from quality.

This will save you time money and keep your stress levels down when an unexpected call to paint paint paint dials in!

Keep on painting, my friend!

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