Best Online Communities For Canvas Artists

If you are an artist who loves the rush of feeling paint smoothly cover the surface of canvas, you’re probably anxious to share your passion with the world.  If you do not know how to go about doing this, especially as a canvas artist in the beginning stages of your career, you’ve come to right place!

I am going to share a secret with you to help your art be seen by an international audience!

Ready to learn more?  Great!  These websites are hosts to my top choices for the best online art communities for canvas artists!

RAW Artists –  Raw Artists is an excellent international community for canvas artists because this company is hip, young, and fresh with a keen eye for exceptional talent!  What’s even better is that anyone with a passion for canvas art can sign up and begin showcasing their work on the RAW network.  If you’ve been dying to have your art shown in public arenas, RAW has a space for you at one of their amazing monthly events.  More information is available on their website.


deviantART – deviantART is much like Facebook or Myspace, where you can create a new social identity that helps you exhibit your art in a virtual setting.  This community is particularly beneficial to canvas artists because the network enables artists to develop a following of fans that are also artists!  From graphic designers to black and white illustrators, deviantART is a community of people that virtually display their wares for money.  Visit their website, and remember to purchase your bulk canvas on the way!


Blue Canvas – If you have yet to visit Blue Canvas, I highly encourage you to do so.  You’ve been searching a community that provides you with an outlet to feature your canvas art for a while now , and Blue Canvas is one of the premier networks to help you!  Artists and art lovers are welcome within this community that also has its own quarterly publication that specifically features its members.  Best of all… it’s FREE to join and you can begin posting your artwork as soon as you register.  Visit their website to begin showing the world your canvas art!

These are just a few truly wonderful artists communities on the world wide web that will help you exhibit your artwork to a large audience, and build a loyal following!  Make sure you adhere to the community policies, as each social network has their own set of standards.

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