Art Promotion For Canvas Artists

Attention all canvas artists who need a online promotional overhaul!

You’ve gotten your pre-stretched canvas from  You’ve painted and painted your well-measured ideas.  You’ve told your friends and your family about your masterpieces.

What’s next?  Online promotion, of course!

If you do not know where to begin, I am here to help you!  As you can see, is not only a place to purchase the best quality canvas for your buck but a hub of relevant information for artists just like you!

Well, here are the details in a nutshell… take notes!


No. 1 Determine your goal – Developing your fan base!
A good starting point to your brand new online promotion campaign is to determine your goal, which in this case would be to develop your fan base.  Although you may have the support of many friends and family members, your ultimate reach should be to potential buyers of your artwork.

In order to do this, create a buzz!

No. 2 Create a Buzz Online!
If you are living in the 21st Century, you are most likely a social entity on the beautiful beast we all know as Facebook.  By using this amazing social networking resource, you can create a buzz about your canvas art by premiering your art on your Fan Page (if you do not how an art business page please visit, if you’re feeling particularly entrepreneurial, create a release date for your new big art piece.  Think of it as a virtual lifting of the veil!

The Facebook Fan Page is the one place where you can post photographs and images of your artwork other than your website.  Also, you can encourage your regular site visitors to “Like” your artwork on Facebook!

That’s what I call a win-win, my friend!

No. 3 TELL EVERYONE via Your Social Network
We’ve already determined your goal to develop your fan base into a more financially generous demographic, created your own Facebook Fan Page where new fans can enjoy perusing your virtual wares, and picked a release date for one or more of your prized pieces.  The next, and final, step to this online promotion campaign is to tell people about it!

Facebook is probably the best social network to start telling your virtual audience about the release of your unveiled canvas art piece, but don’t forget about Twitter and Pinterest!

I highly recommend that you create at least five Twitter feeds per day to keep your audience abreast of your big reveal – this creates anticipation for your art’s big moment.

I also recommend using Pinterest as a source of advertisement and promotion since you can develop an interactive fan base that can re-pin your artwork onto their social networking space.  It creates double exposure for your business!

As you can see, online promotion for canvas arts businesses, whether freelance or fine arts professional level, can be quite simple.  If you have the proper social media tools and know-how you can promote every aspect of your business without a hitch!

For more cool tips about Art and Arts Promotion for Canvas Artists, stay bookmarked to’s Blog!

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