Best Online Art Galleries for New Artists

They have been in the business since July 2003 and have been connecting buyers and collectors with artists all over the world. They sell masterpieces of famous artists but don’t get intimidated. They are open to newbies and can help you find your niche.

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This online gallery is open for all artists and photographers who wanted to showcase and sell their work of art. They started as a small group of artists and decided to invite other artists to join them and created a network of various artists, buyers and enthusiasts. Registration is free and they do not charge commission on sold artworks. How cool is that?

Saatchi online is derived from London’s famous Saatchi Gallery. They created this to allow artists to display their work to art lovers even if they are in different parts of the world. It also serves as a support group for artists who are aiming for international audience.

Founded by fine arts graduate and art tutor, Sarah Ryan in 2004, was created to help emerging artists sell their masterpieces to the general public. This online gallery also serves as a tool for the founder to communicate with other artists most especially with the young and new ones to help them, in a way or another, to launch their careers.


Stompin' At The Savoy by Shelly Bedsaul Image source:
Stompin’ At The Savoy
by Shelly Bedsaul
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Created by a contemporary artist, she believes that art should be accessible to anyone and that it ought to be talked about. This free online gallery welcomes all kinds of artists to display their artwork in her website and sell them without any commission. The website is also very interactive wherein clients can leave comments and can personally get to know the artists.

ebsqart is the social media for artists. Aside from a portfolio site, this online gallery also serves as an online community for artists wherein they share opportunities and even new skills. This is a site where famous and new artists merge and talk about their passion for art. Various artists around the world can freely showcase their work on the site where art lovers can easily browse on them.

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