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your image titleFredrix Artist Canvas is one of the world’s most well-known art supply companies that sells high quality art supplies, canvas, paper, and notebooks.  But why should you, the beginning artist or seasoned veteran, choose to purchase canvases made of Fredrix materials from  Because of both companies, you are going to receive the best quality pre-stretched canvas at the best discounted prices from companies that are locally established.  Pretty cool, eh?

Founded in 1868 by entrepreneur E. H. Friedrichs, Fredrix has been the go-to art supply company for beginning artists and is now being brought to you through the online shop of  Fredrix canvas material is primed with acrylic gesso, which creates an excellent surface for your oil based painting needs!

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Fredrix shops all over the world to find the finest artist grade cottons, linens and blends, which are all woven to their rigid specifications. Thousands of years before what we now know as artist canvas was available, cotton and linen (flax) were being used in many ways. For instance, the linen used to wrap mummies in the ancient tombs of Egypt was created over 6,000 years ago. It was part of their unique burial method and, along with the dry climate of the desert, preserved the linen. The Shroud of Turin, believed by some to be the shroud in which Jesus was wrapped after his death over 2,000 years ago, was also linen. These examples speak volumes of linen’s archival qualities.

Wow!  That is fascinating!  Not only is Fredrix wildly popular in the art world, it is apart of an extensive history that dates back centuries… impressive!

your image titleWith so many options to buy quality canvas online, is your best budgeting bet for your buck because of its use of Fredrix canvas.  All canvases are hand stretched with the Fredrix’s carefully woven duck that allows for a smooth and absorbent surface.  This means that you’re paying for pre-stretched canvases pulled and primed by hand as well as allowing yourself to be apart of history by painting on the world’s most popular surface!

Now that you’ve learned a bit more about Fredrix and the history behind your brand new painting surface, visit the Canvas Lot site to purchase your piece of the pie! offers multiple size options to fit your painting needs.  You can also order multiple canvases at discounted, wholesale rates that will please your financial sensibilities and keep your pocketbook plump with savings!

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