How To Make A Canvas Your Own of us enjoy canvas art.  We frequent art galleries, employ or commission artists to create a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for our home or office, and even go well out of our way to gain inspiration from the most revered artwork in far-and-away cities states and countries.  So what happens when we decide that we can paint just as well as any famous artist, and forgo the cost of paying someone else to create art for an empty wall in our home?

After many hours of forced creative concentration and a few art supply store expeditions, we decide to make a canvas our own!

Now that the power of self-sufficiency and creativity has been mustered up, where do we begin?

I will tell you, my friend!  Here are a few suggestions I have for you as a burgeoning self-taught artist that is interested in mastering canvas for your home office and/or living spaces!

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1.  Visit and purchase bulk pre-stretched canvas at a discounted, wholesale rate.  Since Canvas Lot offers top quality canvas at the most affordable prices online, you can’t go wrong!

2.  Select a few of your favorite colors of oil-based paints – be as wild or as subtle as you’d like to be!  Since I am a sucker for loud colors, I recommend a happy marriage of turquoise and chocolate brown for just about any canvas.

3.  Using two coats of paint on every sides, paint all of your canvases a solid color.   Then, take a step back and let those beautiful solid panels of paint dry!

4.  After the paint is dry, the fun can begin!  If you’re artistically inclined but pressed for time, the simplest form of canvas mastery is to take multiple colors of paint and smear them on your canvas surface without thinking about placement or horizon lines: just go for it!  With this style of free-flowing creativity, you will be amazed at the abstract art you can create for your home and living space!  If you’re not too keen on free wheeling brushstrokes and lines, create a simple stencil instead and paint inside the lines with a paint brush or art sponge.  Some of the most popular stencils of today are birds, flowers, stars, and even the old stand-by happy face!

5.  Let your paintings dry!  If you are using an oil-based paint as I recommended you will need to allot for a longer dry time than with most other paints.  As the old adage goes: good things come to those who wait!

As you can see, these five simple steps to making canvas your own can take up very little time and money.  Canvas Lot will help you expedite the creative process by cutting your drive time to an art supply store, too!  So get started, Picasso!  Your canvas awaits!

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