A Closer Look at the Canvas Lot Facilities

For today’s jaunt into the wide world of canvas, we’re going to step back from the easel and show you a bit about what it’s like in one of the coolest places in the world, the Canvas Lot shop! We love getting to know our audience, and we’d love for you to know more about what we do and where we’re coming from. So here are a few fun details about us, your friendly online canvas stretchers.

Our facilities are truly state-of-the-art, with the best in tech and expertise.

CanvasLot.com is based out of the ever-exciting Austin, Tx, live music capital of the world, home of the famed University of Texas Longhorns and a true artist’s Mecca. Austin is a dead-on perfect fit for us, because the people here really care about good creative work, and that’s what we’re all about. One just has to drive around this city for a while and look at the great public art, the interesting buildings and spaces and the unique people that make it their home, and it’s easy to see why Austin is an ideal place for a business like ours to thrive.

When it comes to our facilities, we believe in excellent simplicity. In order to bring our customers the very best canvases at prices that are unmatchable anywhere online or off, we’ve pared our operation down to a facility which contains an office and a warehouse, both of which are loaded with high-end tech and are actually certified Eco-Green.

Our office is where we handle the operating details of our business, including our online storefront. We’ve found not only the best tech-oriented folk to keep our business running; we’ve also found those that are passionate about working on a quality product, and we think they do some excellent work.

If you’d like a closer look into the day-to-day operations of our warehouse, stop on over at the videos page on our site. Here you can see not only our warehouse, but you can get a closer look at our stretching process too. The warehouse is truly where the magic happens, as we do everything from receiving blank canvas, stretching the canvas and shipping it out all from one convenient location. This helps us not only create excellent canvases at a high rate of efficiency, it also cuts down on our costs. This in turn allows us to pass huge savings on to you, something we think we can all get excited about!

You may not know this, but Canvas Lot has a sister business, also located in Austin. ArtWarehouses.com produces world-class art prints at an incredibly affordable price, and since we already produce the canvas to print on, our two sites fit like a hand in a glove. Art Warehouses keeps a huge stock of gorgeous prints in a large variety of styles, looks and sizes, and for anyone looking to stock their home with spectacular artwork, it’s definitely worth a look.

Art Warehouses is our sister business and the place to go for high-quality prints of all kinds.

Between Canvas Lot and Art Warehouses, we’re setting out to revolutionize the world of canvas, both blank and printed with stunning art. And with such a great city to support us in our endeavors, we think we have a pretty good chance of doing just that, one canvas at a time.

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