Why Buy Canvas Art Supplies in Bulk?

shipping-blank-canvasesAs a struggling artist, you are always in the lookout on how to get canvas art supplies at less costs but without sacrificing quality of the items. One advice that you can consider is buying in bulk. Carefully choose which art supplies you want to buy in bulk to avoid having too much of an item which would just collect dust in your studio. You may be put off by the upfront cost but here are the advantages of buying wholesale:

1. Less cost per unit.┬áBulk buying is economical in the long run. If you compute the price of an item bought in wholesale, you will see that it is cheaper than when you buy the same item per piece. Bulk buying means you are not paying for each item’s individual packaging, labels, advertising, etc. This savings adds up money to your wallet and you can get cheaper deals when buying in bulk.

2. Environmentally-friendly. In line with number 1, bulk items lessen the impact on the environment. Manufacturing every piece of art supply takes enormous energy and resources, from packaging to storing. The Environmental Protection Agency revealed that we generate about 80 million tons of waste every year. All the boxes, containers, and cans which we throw end up in landfills, and you can help Mother Nature by buying in bulk since you reduce waste from getting to these landfills.

3. Save time. Bulk buying also means fewer trips to the art store. It can be annoying when inspiration strikes but you can’t start painting because you don’t have all the supplies you need in your studio. You’ll have most of what you need at hand so you not only save your time, you also save gas money and wear on your car. Instead of spending your time in the store, you spend it in engaging in your artistic and creative pursuits.

Tips for buying in bulk:

  • Organize your inventory. List the art supplies which you frequently use (canvas, paints, turpentine, etc.). You can also use this task to free some space in your studio for the items which you will be buying in bulk.
  • Check out art supply stores about their wholesale policies. Inspect the items which you can buy in bulk and see at which store you can get the most savings.
  • If your local art store offers a membership card since you’re buying in wholesale, you might want to consider getting one. This card can give you future discounts and incentives.

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