5 Best Canvas Manufacturers

1. Winsor and Newton, London
Founded in1832, Winsor & Newton has always been “The World’s Finest Artist’ Materials” . Up to this day, they strive to keep up with the latest developments in the art world and take an active interest in what artists say. They have built their reputation on the quality and reliability of their products, combined with continual product development, improvement and innovation.


2. Top Value Fabrics, US
Established in 1974, Top Value Fabric is a leading international supplier of Industrial, Recreational and Print Media fabrics for a wide variety of applications and industries. They carry an impressive collection of stock programs in addition to finishing fabric to meet clients’ specifications. Their product lines include Nylon, Vinyl, Canvas/Duck, Print Media, Activewear, Marine, and Polyester.

3. PICASSO, Indore, India
They manufacture canvas rolls from 100% cotton fabric with a double coating of acid free acrylic titanium priming. They also give an extra anti-fungus treatment to ensure safety from fungal infections for a long time. Artistic canvas rolls are widely used for acrylic and oil paintings by students and artists. Offered at industry leading prices, these canvas rolls are highly demanded by artists and students.

4. Russell and Chapple, London
Specialise in supplying the highest quality Fine Art, Scenic, and Digital canvases, sourcing and importing our canvas fabrics from all over the world. They have themost comprehensive range of these canvas materials in linen, cotton and polyester, and they supply the professional and amateur artist with the best art supports at the most competitive price. Whether you are making a mural, painting or miniature they have thecanvas for you.


5. Deasung, Shanghai, China
Provides linen canvas, wholesale canvas rolls, hemp canvas . If you are looking for the good quality of canvas that is available you should shop for linen canvas. Linen canvas makes for a superior painting surface and its strong fibers hold together and last longer than other materials. A range of canvases is available from the tightest weave, finest tooth quadruple primed handkerchief linen to robust heavy toothed linens ideal for large format works.

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