A Master of Canvas: Jean-Michel Basquiat

When it comes to Fine Art, American painter Jean-Michel Basquiat is one of my favorites.  During his lifetime, Basquiat was a force to be reckoned with because of his inhibitions with painting and collage art, his daring use of blank canvas , and his bold retelling of history.  Through storytelling, Basquiat was able to mirror his own life and create social commentary through his artwork.

Have Canvas, Will Paint

The blank canvas was only the starting point for Basquiat – he saw an opportunity to fully express his inner life and monologue.  His early work was in the form of graffiti art, an art form that was generated in Brooklyn, New York in the late 1960s and early 70s.  Not known by his birth name, SAMO was the pseudonym Basquiat chose to use during his early career, most likely for identity protection (since graffiti is considered vandalism) and to remain authentic among his peer group.

Not only was he one of the most creative artists of the 1980s, he was revered by Andy Warhol – the world famous pop cultural artist and designer for his artwork and his remarkable tenacity.  It has been well documented that Basquiat was so passionate about his canvas art that he walked right up to Warhol in a crowded restaurant, introduced himself, and gave him a Basquiat original.  How remarkable!

Canvas and the Artist

It is obvious to many admirers that Basquiat was a master of blank canvas and had a very special relationship with it.  Like many genius-level craftspeople, this public relationship ended in legacy.  This particular legacy shows how truly unique the artist relationship with canvas is, and how canvas can turn a regular human being into a deity of the modern ages!

During my study of Basquiat, I realized that the blank canvas is more than just large pieces of segmented textile waiting to be covered by paints or glue or various materials.  The canvas is an incredible holding space for amazing ideas!  This has rocket launched my love of art in so many ways and I am incredibly excited to start experimenting with new painting techniques and collage crafting on my blank canvases from Canvas Lot!

Being a discerning consumer and a professional artist in Austin, TX I am very particular about where I purchase my canvas because it is acting as the foundation for my most treasured possession: my ideas!

As I mentioned before, I am highly motivated by the artwork of Basquiat and I often look forward to delving deeply into my own inner workings to be as bold and as brave as he was while gazing at his blank canvases.  It feels wonderful to be inspired by a master of canvas!

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