Hand-Stretched Canvas For Artists Of All Levels

Although it is a highly sought after material, custom and hand-stretched canvas can be costly for amateur and professional artists.  With endless surface options for artists, canvas is by and large the most popular surface to paint on.  The coarse raised texture lends character and dimension to any piece of artwork.  Somehow, the marriage of a paintbrush covered in a thick layer of pigmented oils and a blank canvas delivers some of the most striking, thought-provoking artwork.  It is no wonder that artists prefer canvas as a surface material over all others.

Oftentimes, professional artists and art students create their masterpieces with makeshift tools and art supplies.  These tools quickly become staples of the artist’s toolbox.  This do-it-yourself technique often blends into the creation of hand-stretched canvas.  Although cost effective for some, the process of stretching canvas can be time consuming.

To Make Hand-Stretch Canvas, you will need the following materials:

  • Sheets of Canvas
  • Stretcher Bars (4)
  • Staple Gun & a box of staples
  • Canvas Pliers
  • A little know-how and determination!

Even with the character building strength of the canvas, what is an amateur artist to do without the knowledge of how to make their own hand-stretched canvas?  What if there is very little time between learning how to stretch canvas and the birth of an idea that must be painted urgently?  Where can the humble artist purchase high-quality hand-stretched canvas for an affordable price?  This is a common concern for members of the Arts community.

It is important to find and develop a beneficial relationship with an art supply company that understands this complex need for quality, customization, and economic efficiency.  With many high dollar options available at the traditional art supply store, it’s about time a reasonable online option should come along.  With the ease of ordering online and the ability to make specific dimension requests, getting the canvas required to make the perfect art piece should be effortless!

An online store that is growing in popularity for its attention to detail and affordability is CanvasLot.com.  Based in Austin, Texas, CanvasLot.com is an online art supply company that specializes in custom-made hand-stretched canvas.  Aiding all levels of professional artists, CanvasLot.com delivers wholesale.  From amateurs to professional fine artists, novice art students to seasoned professors, and the occasional dabbler to the well-versed enthusiast CanvasLot.com has a canvas for every taste and skill level.

Learn more about hand-stretched canvas and online art supply company CanvasLot by visiting the official website: www.CanvasLot.com

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