Famous Child Artist – Akaine

Akaine - the child prodigy

It’s often said that children “say” the darnedest things, but what about those certain individuals that use canvas and oil based materials to make beautiful Fine Art?  Are they overlooked or overshadowed by the adult art world?

In the case of child prodigy Akiane  Kramarick the latter is far from the truth.   Kramarick is a young American poet and artist.  She has been heralded throughout the world as a prodigy for her realistic paintings of people, landscape, and otherworldly places.  This young lady has an amazing talent that has been called a “gift from God” and even “divine.”  She has even claimed that she is not necessarily influenced by a particular thing here on Earth, but receives visions from God.  This was a surprise to her parents that held no particular religious belief but after Kramarick’s beautiful paintings began to move them, both parents converted from atheism to a Christian belief system.

Akaine Kramarick proclaims that her works of art are by all means divination-based but her paintings have peaked the interests of people from all walks of life including such bright stars as singer Josh Groban and The Late Late Show host Craig Ferguson.

At the age of ten, Kramarick was a guest on The Oprah Winfrey Show where she was applauded by Winfrey for her remarkable talent.  Two years after her television debut, Kramarick was featured on CNN.  Her work can be seen on the website dedicated to her work and life: Akaine.

I think that it is absolutely amazing what this young child has been able to do with blank canvas and whole lot of imagination!  Without a doubt, Kramarick is a unique child that has the ability to turn her ideas and out-of-this-world insight into brilliant pieces for all people to admire.

Large White Blank Canvas

I have often wondered what would happen if the world were introduced to a handful of young people that could turn the art world on its head with their exceptionally creative use of materials.  Through her example, I have gathered that the world will embrace such a rarity in nature, however big or small.

What I find most impressive about this amazingly talent young person is her ability to turn a blank pre-stretched canvas into a masterpiece!  Sure, “masterpiece” is often thrown around haphazardly in the art world but this is not a light use of the word.  Akaine Kramarick is truly a small wonder!

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