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Simple Art Projects For Kids

The Blank Canvas - A Child's Dream!

When it comes to art projects for the grade school-aged child, the possibilities are endless!  My favorite art pieces created by the young ones reflect the innocence of a childlike perspective and the thought provoking use of materials on blank canvas.  When it comes to art projects for children I recommend three interesting uses of atypical materials but first… Grab a Canvas!  Now, let’s take a look at some very cool and simple children’s canvas art projects!

Project Idea No. 1 – Melt Those Crayons!

If you’re like many parents, you’ve had your fair share of Crayon-related incidents where walls covered in bright flamingo pink doodles and the mighty scribbling of incoherent blue letters suddenly appear out of thin air onto a favorite daily planner.  Well, why not take those pesky little Crayons out of their yellow box holding cell and attach them to blank canvas?  Of course, you will need to be with your child during this project because there is a high level of heat involved but the result of engaging your super awesome kid with this nifty melting Crayon project is destined to be a hit among your fellow parental group and your child’s playground mates.

Project Idea No. 2 – Incorporate Culture!

Art is often thought of as fun and an aide to the wildest of imaginations but for young pupils it can also be a covert world history project!  A culture that I recommend helping your young child incorporate into their new masterpieces is that of the Japanese culture.  The Japanese have centuries-old art techniques that are used in Western culture, and with very good reason – it is pleasant to receive visually and wildly popular as a communicative information source.  If you’re familiar with cherry blossoms and unique typographical characters, you have probably admired the artwork of an individual influenced by Japanese culture or who is a member of it!  I recommend this culture without reservation: I believe that we all benefit by learning from various cultures.  Pick one that you and your child can learn about and get to work on your canvas!

Project Idea No. 3 – The Self-Portrait!

Painting a self-portrait on canvas can be an eye-opening experience for your child and even for you – you have intimate view of how your beautiful child seems her or himself through their very own interpretation.  How cool!  First, have your child sketch their self-portrait before working on the blank canvas, with their face as the primary focal point.  Pick a color or a scene as the background and paint it on the canvas.  After the paint is dry, begin the painting the self-portrait!  You be thrilled by what your child comes up with and will be able to keep a lovely portrait of them for years to come.

As you can see, children’s art projects can be as diverse as the materials being used.  These projects also add a whole other level of fun and engagement with the young artist and their audience.  For more creative ideas, keep your virtual bookmark on Canvas Lot’s Blog!

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