The Best Art Websites and Blogs of 2013

Large Paintings 3 by curseFROpurse
Large Paintings 3
by curseFROpurse
Since August 2000, has empowered artists all over the world by sharing inspirations and ideas. This is the largest social media for artists and art enthusiast wherein you can share your insights and knowledge to other artist. It also serves a platform for a variety of new and established artists where they can promote and share their artwork to fellow artists and art lovers.
It is another great online platform for artists to showcase their work and for art enthusiasts to discover and experience variety of artworks. Members create their portfolio on this site to get feedback from more experienced artists and art lovers. Aside from online discussions, this community also brings art events around the world where members come in contact with each other up close and personal.
Launched in 2003, offers original paintings created by artists to customers in any part of the world. While other online galleries offer cheap reproductions, this website is known for their quality paintings that are created by the artist of the customer’s choice and delivered right to their doorstep in perfect condition. Their blog sites offer a lot of tips and insights written by great artists and art enthusiasts.

by Judith Brisson
by Judith Brisson
Saatchionline is derived from the renowned Saatchi Gallery in London. It aims to promote new talents to a greater audience to empower them and enable them to showcase their work to art lovers around the world. It is also a paradise for enthusiast where they can easily purchase an artwork online to be delivered to them anywhere in the world. The website truly lived up to the legacy of the Saatchi Gallery in London.
It is a virtual community where various artists share artworks and create galleries for other artists and art lovers to see. It is also a support group for new artists where they can learn tips and suggestions from other more experienced artist on how to improve their craft and help them promote and sell their artwork in different ways.
Founded by Fine Art Graduate and art tutor, Sarah Ryan, she aims to uplift new artists to create income from their work by giving the general public access to their art. And of course, the easiest way to go is through the internet. She also conducts talks in schools and write blogs to inspire and help aspiring and new artists on how to promote their work and launch their careers as an artist.

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