Best Online Art Markets to Sell Paintings

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With the digital age, canvas artists are now harnessing the power of technology to start their art business. Finished paintings are professionally photographed and uploaded to an online art gallery to hopefully interest potential buyers and generate sales. With hundreds of online art galleries and auctions out there, here’s a list of the best of them to help you start.

Artmajeur. Artmajeur is one of the largest finest art gallery in the world, featuring the best contemporary artists. Established in 2000, it displays over 2 million original pieces and has sold over 150,000 art works. You can sign up for free and start networking with other artists. Artists in Artmajeur are ranked by popularity using visitors’ and page views. (

Artnet. Artnet offers a wide range of information and transaction services for artists. It has an extensive collection in its database of Fine Art, Design, and Decorative Art which provides information on the market and pricing trends. The site features 1,700 galleries around the world and displays 170,000 art works. (

Artsy. Artsy features artworks from famous galleries, museums, foundations, and private collections worldwide. It displays the largest collections of contemporary pieces and it aims to make world art accessible to the people. (

Artspace. Artspace is an online platform for fine art and design, featuring an extensive selection of curated artworks from leading museums and artists around the world. It aims to help people discover and collect fine pieces of art. (

Artwanted. Artwanted is a large network of artists and online galleries. It serves as a community and a place for selling artworks. The site promotes members and gives informative feedback on their work, helping artists to hone their craft. (

Fine Art America. Fine Art America is the leading marketplace for buying and selling artwork around the world. It provides various sales and marketing tools to help artists build their brands. (

Deviantart. Deviantart is the world’s largest online community for artists in various genre. The site primarily caters to contemporary artists from fan art, digital art to animation but it also offers its services to painters. It has over 25 million members and artists can submit their works and connect with other members. (

Etsy. Etsy is an e-commerce website launched in 2005 where artists can sell their works. It is a bustling marketplace where you can buy and sell handmade and vintage items, including paintings in different medium and even art supplies. (

Imagekind. Imagekind displays millions on canvas art, framed wall art, and photos. It is a platform where artists can share and create their works and buyers can purchase museum-quality framed art. (

Paddle8. Paddle8 is an online auction site, giving artists and buyers a platform for transacting business. It offers low-cost themed auctions, getting 6% commission from artists and 12% from buyers. It also offers benefit auctions for non-profit institutions. (

Zhibit. Zhibit offers user-friendly tools which help artists create their own websites, build their art business, and connect with other members in the community. It offers the lowest rates, for as low as $49/year, in its subscription plans. (

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