Choosing a Frame For Your Canvas Artwork

Choosing a frame can make or break the total look of your canvas art. They should accentuate and add character to your most prized artwork. More than an accessory, frames protects your favourite art from dust, moist and other elements and conserves them for generations. Here are some things to consider before buying frames for your artwork.


• Where will it be displayed?
Before deciding about what color or texture you want to use in your frame, consider the place where your framed artwork will be displayed. There should be a balance between your artwork, the frame, and the color of the room or wall. The idea is you have to create a backdrop for your framed art and that it should match the other decor that you already have in that room.

• Frame style
There are different types of frames that you can choose from. But the thing is, a beautiful and expensive frame might be over-powering your artwork or doesn’t blend with the character of your painting and the surroundings. Never use frames that are of the same hues as your walls. Once again, you have to balance it out. Remember that you want your artwork to be the center of attraction and not the frame.


• Never put glass over a canvas art
Yes, you want to preserve your precious artwork so it will last for generations but putting glass over a canvas painting is the biggest mistake that you could ever do. The canvas itself creates that distinct character of your artwork. You don’t want all that texture to be trapped behind glass because it is the reason why images created in canvas is different from other kind of art.

• To frame? Or not to frame?
Canvas prints can be equally striking without a frame. If you have not quite got the budget for a good frame, this may be an excellent alternative. Big prints work best without any frame because they will look smaller than they actually are when they are displayed with frames. Small prints most probably need framing and you can always make them look larger by putting a mat.

Framing your canvas art doesn’t have to be expensive. All it takes is a little research and a lot of imagination. Ask and window shop around to your hobby stores to see what’s available before making the final decision.

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