is Your Wallet’s Best Friend

With so many options to buy pre-stretched art canvas at a reasonable price, you may be asking yourself why you should pick as your canvas retailer.  I’ll give you a few good reasons why is the online art supply retailer for you!

Many art supply companies purchase their products from vendors that offer their products at discounted rates but sometimes the quality just isn’t there.  The benefit of shopping through is that you know exactly where your canvas is coming from: Austin, TX.  Every canvas is stretched by hand under the supervision of well-trained technicians that know that quality will always override quality.  If you ask me, that’s a bargain in and of itself because you’re getting the best canvas for your hard earned buck!  Plus, you’re helping the local economy and when you take care of the locals, the locals will take care of you.  It’s a win-win, my friend!

For many artists, students, and teachers buying art supplies and canvas in bulk is the most reasonable and affordable route to take on a spending spree.  Most art supplies are not very costly on a need-to-buy-now basis.  It’s the long-term, big picture business of art supply management that typically eats away the dollars of the customer.  Since you want to save yourself money and time, buy in bulk! offers you this option in addition to high quality pre-stretched canvas.

Did you know that offers discounts to wholesale buyers?  For the past ten years, Canvas Lot has made every effort to perfect their quality standards to offer their customers the best canvases at the most affordable prices.  Canvas Lot also understands the importance of offering wholesale discounts to individuals and entities that need them most.  If you’re a school teacher who wants to provide art canvases to your entire class or a volunteer at an art therapy office, you have a reliable foundation for buying your canvas at a wholesale price!  Isn’t that a relief?  Now, you can get down to the business of making art not wasting time with an affordable art supply treasure hunt!

What Are You Waiting For?  Buy Your Canvas Today!
These are just a few reasons why is your one-stop online shop for the best canvases.  Once you actually receive your brand new blank pre-stretched canvas that’s been waiting to exhibit your imagine on its fibers, you’ll see just how brilliant your decision to buy from them was… go ahead – pat yourself on the back for your future frugality!

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